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Rajesh & Anushka Tyagi Matrimony Success Story

Hi I am Rajesh. Thanks to I was able to find Anushka, my soul -mate. It was so confusing to find a suitable life partner from our Brahmin-Tyagi community . Sometimes education was not proper and many times family background was not just matching our family temperament . When we were able to match all these , the location of other family became the trouble point wasting all efforts made .Without the help of any good matrimonial website like it was simply not possible to find so many choices. Best part of their service was quality , genuine profiles and matching assistance provided by their match matching relationship manager.

Rajesh & Anushka Tyagi Matrimony Success Story

I met Nandini on your site She was a paid member of your site and I was a free member only. I got first call from her father enquiring about my details and requirements . We discussed all matrimonial matters in details . But for few weeks our family was not sure whether to proceed or wait for other proposals. But finally God decided our fate and we accepted their proposal and started the process of getting engaged and finally we got married in beginning of year. Now we are happily married. Thanks for helping us to meet each other & support in matrimonial search. Please delete my profile Ravi787 from your site and profile of my wife Nandini. Thanking once again. Ravi

Marriage Makes Life Stable & Calm

Marriage brings stability in life of bachelors. People start making long term decisions of life and develop feeling of togetherness in place of singleness . Aggression and adhoc planning is replaced by reasoning and calm in life. Life-partner can bring out best in soulmate. By marriage we learn meaning of living for others, sacrifice and compromise in life, in other words this makes us more human and a better person.

Married People Live Longer

Studies and surveys have revealed that Most of Married men live with their family. They care more about their health compared to singles. Happily married couples are more likely to be happy , satisfied and less stressed. Mentally relaxed and happy lifestyle result in strong physical health. This all leads to better life expectancy.

Tyagi Marriage Traditions

India is a land of diversity, a rich mix of culture, multiple ethnic groups, lakhs of castes, thousands of languages and very difficult to understand traditions & inter religion love and bonding. Tyagi Brahmins are basically Hindu- Brahmin. Tyagi ( popularly called Taga in rural area ) follow all Hindu traditions and rituals for marriage ceremony.

First Ceremony : Apnana As a first step both the sides ( bride and Groom) do the first ceremony of Apnana of boy and girl. This ceremony formally starts the marriage process. Boys and girls sometimes even exchange rings and blessings of elders of both the families. Once this very