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A man is incomplete until he is married. Marriage is a recognition of spiritual identity. In a family if a boy or girl becomes marriageable, parents get worried about their marriage. They start looking for suitable match with the help of relatives, friends, pandits, and professionals of this field. And this way starts the long new search for suitable match.

In our young country of approximately 130crore people, there is no shortage of young marriageable boys and girls. Then what could be problems of finding suitable match? But the fact is that it takes long time and some times more than a year in finding some suitable match.

Our society has many religions and thousands of castes. Normally in arranged marriage parents prefer to get their child married in their own caste only. Mother, father, relatives, friends and other known persons all help in finding suitable match. Every person has limited circle of known persons. We all search for relations in these small circles. In old days people used to be more social. People had time for spending some time for other's cause. Now-a-days every body is busy with his own problems and day to day routine works. Life is very fast. People have little time for socials causes or interactions.

In villages people still meet each other. But in cities sometimes people do not meet even their next door neighbors. In closely knitted society of relatives and friends, other people have no spare time of searching brides and grooms for others. For these simple reasons it takes lot of time in finding matches of suitable education, profession and economic level in same caste and religion.

In self focused society numbers of persons who help others in matrimonial works is decreasing day by day. To fill this space Online Matrimonial Websites are working. These are getting good response from the society specially in cities where internet facilities are easily available.

Our Matrimonial Website is wonderful effort in this direction. It has a large, perfect, verified database of boys and girls to search from. From the ease of your house or office you can search for marriageable boys and girls for self and others and that too at a very little cost. Different types of searching methods make match making very easy and simple. We are using Latest technology and tools. team is always ready for personalized service support.

We have few words of caution for our users. Online match making has no personal references. So we request our users not to hesitate in demanding full information regarding education, profession, family, relatives and other relevant facts from persons whom you consider for marriage. Do not take hasty decisions. First verify all information before taking final decision.

Chains do not hold marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.

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K.P.S. Tyagi
Managing Director